Unity Asset Bundle December 2021 – Free Download


Unity Asset Bundle December 2021

Download this Unity asset bundle now!

This Unity Asset Bundle contains the following curated list of assets:

  • TheBigCastleKit.rar
  • Activation Graph System.unitypackage
  • AtavismUnity_10.3.0_20201126_0044_Demo.unitypackage
  • Editor Console Pro.unitypackage
  • Hamburger Menu.unitypackage
  • Hand Painted Jungle Pack V1.0.unitypackage
  • Hand Painted Winter Pack v1.0.unitypackage
  • Kira Lowpoly Character v3.unitypackage
  • Pro GIF.unitypackage
  • Radio PRO.unitypackage
  • Rainbow Folders 2.unitypackage
  • Simple Video Player.unitypackage
  • Street Driver.unitypackage
  • Tail Animator.unitypackage
  • Tennis Game Assets.unitypackage
  • Truck and trailers.unitypackage
  • pbrtemplepack.zip
  • WW2_Weapons_Pack_1_v1.0

Is your Unity asset not included? Feel free to contact us and we’ll provide the asset you wish.

NOTE: Alpha versions of Unity are not officially supported. We try to support beta versions of Unity when possible, but it is generally recommended that you use an official Unity release for maximum compatibility.

Details on these assets from the official Unity Store.

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