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pro gif maker universal free download for unity

Pro GIF Maker Universal v1.1.6 (Latest version)

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Pro GIF Maker Universal is a mega-package of GIF features. Handles all sorts of GIF file processing and provides very efficient ways for the integration and management of GIF features.

The Pro GIF encoder and decoder are highly optimized and enhanced. Run in threads for better performance and support multiple instances.
Our high-performance decoder lets you display the GIFs instantly, no more waiting!
The Universal version decoder further boosts the decode speed by around 50%. Save decode time! Save more energy!

All our codes and examples are carefully designed to provide a clean, easy to use package. GIF has never been so easy!

*** A simple GIF search app example is included in both ProGIF and Universal versions. The PlayCamera app & GIF Library app in the video is Not included in this asset. (ProGIF Universal is used in our apps)

Highlights of Pro GIF Universal

  • The Ultimate GIF playback and recording solutions.
  • Pro GIF Advanced Recorder & Decoder, highly customizable settings.
  • Super fast, multi-threaded encoder.
  • Super fast decoder, great in performance and compatibility. Decode GIF similar to Chrome, Firefox browser, etc. Plus great functionality provides the best flexibility for handling GIFs.
  • Ultra-low playback memory footprint. Even for a large number of gif frames decoded and stored in the memory.
  • +Decoder Version 3. Up to 15 times faster than V1 and around 50% faster than V2.
  • (Decoder speed: ProGIF V1=100%, ProGIF V2=1000%, Universal V3=1500%)
  • Fully supports interlaced GIFs.

Main features of Pro GIF Universal

  • GIF Replay, Record GIF/Convert still images to GIF(support transparent).
  • Record GIF with camera(s).
  • Play GIF(support transparent, support variable frame rate, rewind and ping-pong play mode).
  • Load GIF file from local-path/url, decode, and playback. With option for saving file in local storage.
  • Rich settings: FPS, Duration, Quality, RepeatCount, Aspect Ratio, Resolution(support auto resize to fit any screen size), Transparent Color(for hiding a particular BG color), Enable/Disable detection of image transparent setting for recorder.
  • The encoding & decoding process runs in threads for better performance.

Advanced features of Pro GIF Universal

  • Advanced decode settings, allows setting how many frames to decode.
  • Multi-threaded encoder.
  • Ultra-low memory footprint, even for large number of gif frames.
  • Supports multiple GIF decode and playback.
  • Support multiple GIF recorders with different cameras.
  • Convert JPG/PNG/Texture2D (List) to GIF.
  • Crop GIF with a specified aspect ratio(16:9, 3:2, 4:3, 1:1, etc.) input in SetRecordSettings before StartRecord.
  • Rotate GIF (90, -90, 180 degrees).
  • Support save Reverse and Ping-pong play mode GIF.
  • Easily get the GIF info: image size, frame count, fps, and the first frame texture.
  • Supports display gifs on Image, RawImage, Renderers(Meshes such as Cube, Plane, Sphere etc…), GuiTexture and any other material that support Texture2D, Sprite, or RenderTexture.
  • Easy to use GIF Manager: flexible API, auto memory management, battle-tested!

Extra features of Pro GIF Universal

  • Mobile Media Plugin for saving and picking images (including animated GIF) from Android Gallery and iOS Photos, and more.
  • API helper classes for easily use the GIF API to access the world’s largest GIF library. Search any kinds of GIFs you want!
  • Use your own GIF channels & API keys.
  • Share on up-to 15 social platforms.
  • Optimized Json tool(Newtonsoft.Json), work on mobile & desktop.
  • OnEditorGifRecorder for recording gif in the Editor play mode. Record the development screens at any time for your app/game promotion on social platforms.
  • Some more useful stuff.
  • GIF libraries full source code.

With our GIF helper class, you can easily call the GIF APIs and receive responses in Json format.
All Giphy APIs, including Upload GIF, Search GIF, Sticker, Random, Translate etc.
(Works with the provided Social Share feature to share gif links).

[ Json Tool ]
Newtonsoft.Json, the best Json serialize/de-serialize tool is included. Further optimized and many works were done for supporting Unity3D mono .NET and AOT environment. Work on mobile(Android, iOS) and desktop.

[ Social Share ]
Reminded: the social share feature of Pro GIF must work with the provided Giphy upload API helper classes. To make sure you fully understand how this work, please read the GIF api docs here.
We also provided a native plugin for saving GIF to Android Gallery & iOS Photos. So your users can manually share the GIFs later!

[ Support Platforms ]
– Unity5 and newer versions, Pro/Plus & Personal
– Support the Unity built-in render pipeline and Scriptable Render Pipelines: URP, LWRP, HDRP
– Support Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, Linux, Unity Editor (The decoder also work on WebGL)
– Mobile & Desktop friendly.
– Android 64-Bit ready.

Details on this asset from the official Unity Store.

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