Invector Shooter Template – Free Download

invector shooter template free download for unity

Invector Shooter Template v2.5.6b (Latest version)

⭐ATTENTION – This Asset already includes all the Basic Locomotion and Melee Combat Templates features.

Invector’s Third Person Templates can help bring your game to life with a high-quality Character Controller that takes minutes to set up, we have a solid and highly customizable template so you can focus on making your game unique.

⭐ Beginners will have a great learning curve with our several [Tutorials] and [Documentation], no scripting skills are necessary to create something cool

⭐ Advanced users will enjoy the thousands of features we included and continue to include over the past 5 years of development and support of our assets

✔️ NO DLL’s: all Scripts are written in C# and open for modifications

✔️ Examples Included: different gameplay styles such as TopDown, 2.5D, Mobile, Point&Click


  • Shooter Behavior & Animations (Basic & Melee features already included)
  • Projectile bullets with a trail renderer
  • Throwing objects with a Trajectory system (grenade, bottles, etc..)
  • Optional Melee attacks for Shooter Weapons
  • Advanced damage based on distance & velocity
  • Decal for projectiles based on tags (different materials)
  • Advanced Scope View
  • Aiming System with dispersion, range, shot frequency, recoil, etc…
  • Particles, Sounds, Custom Bullets to emit on attack
  • Archery System included
  • Advanced IK Adjustment System based on Weapon/Stance
  • Large number of customization to create different types of weapon
  • Secondary Shot to create powerful weapons
  • Hipfire


  • Melee Combat Behavior & Animations (Basic Locomotion features already included)
  • Use different MoveSets, Attacks, Defense, HitReaction, and HitRecoil per weapon
  • Inventory Example, Collect, Drop and Destroy items
  • Simple Melee AI included as a bonus.
  • Holder Manager
  • Different types of Potions to recovery health or increase health/stamina
  • Stamina Combat Based System (optional)
  • Lock-On Target System


  • Basic Locomotion Behavior and Animations
  • Advanced Third Person Camera System
  • Sprint, Jump, Crouch, and Roll
  • Vault, Climb, or StepUp obstacles
  • Generic Action system to trigger simple animations
  • Ladder System
  • Ragdoll System
  • FootStep System

– Several Util scripts to help you develop your game

Isometric, 2.5D Platformer, TopDown, Mobile demo scenes are included!

NOTE: Alpha versions of Unity are not officially supported. We try to support beta versions of Unity when possible, but it is generally recommended that you use an official Unity release for maximum compatibility.

Details on this asset from the official Unity Store.

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