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eternal temple free download for unity

Eternal Temple v1.5.2 (Latest version)

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PBR Ready, GI Ready, 2 LODs, 2048 Textures, Atlassed versions, FBX Source

Compatibility Eternal Temple

  • Includes Desktop and Mobile versions
  • Supports Top-Down and First Person views
  • Supports dungeon/indoor areas

Content included in the Eternal Temple pack

Art pack contains over 300 prefabs to create stylized temple environments.

  • Over 200 architectural parts
  • Modular buildings
  • Buildings and ruins presets
  • Fortified walls and gates
  • Trees, grass and random bricks
  • Cliff formations
  • Lanterns and torches
  • Decals of mud and small rocks
  • Props (furniture, planks, barrels etc)
  • 2048×2048 for most textures
  • Basic system of hiding view blocking objects
  • 3 Demo levels (top-down, first person dungeon and outdoor)

Supported render pipelines and Unity versions:
✔ Standard/Built-In   · Unity 2018.4 – 2020.3
✔ High-Definition 7.2+ · Unity 2019.3 – 2020.3
✔ Universal 7.2+     · Unity 2019.3 – 2020.3

Technical Details
✔ Supports billboards. (using Unity’s billboard renderer and billboard assets)
✔ Supports VR.
✔ Supports Forward and Deferred rendering.
✔ Supports LOD crossfade.
✔ Quality Settings can be changed at runtime.
✔ API available to create and edit materials at runtime.
✔ Shaders use HLSL code and can be modified.

Details on this asset from the official Unity Store.

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